Who We Work With

Working with organisations that support the Customer Owned Banking Sector.

We work with organisations that understand and support the Customer Owned Banking Sector. Our members have common requirements and we are always keen to hear from industry suppliers who are able to offer aggregated solutions.

Shared Services Partners

Shared Services Partners is the results of customer owned banking organisations coming together to create a procurement service to take advantage of power of collaboration.

The procurement services offered by Shared Services Partners is constantly being expanded and includes:

  • Telecommunications and Telephony
  • Property Leasing Services
  • Network Printing Services
  • Corporate Insurance Services
  • Cash Management Services

For all enquiries please contact:
David Byrne, General Manager
Shared Services Partners
E: dbyrne@sharedservicepartners.com.au
M: 0427 494 966


CONNXSYN is the virtual sector wide balance sheet where all Mutual ADIs can come together to match supply and demand in a regulated retail residential lending market.

CONNXSYN allows an Individual Institution to not have to say NO to a request for residential related lending resulting from individual balance sheet or lending cap restrictions. Syndicate with another Mutual ADI to meet your member’s needs. You get to choose the level of exposure you wish to retain.

CONNXSYN fully complies with all the Prudential and Accounting standards and holds Regulatory consent.

Connxsyn is owned by and was developed for the Mutual sector.

For all enquiries please contact
Andrew Nicholls
Shared Lending Pty Ltd

E: andrew@connxsyn.com.au 
P: 1300 727 150 M: 0430 015 260