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CONNXSYN Syndicating Mortgages

Syndicated Mortgages for the Mutual Sector

Matching supply and demand in the mutual lending environment

CONNXSYNTM  is the virtual sector wide balance sheet where all Mutual ADIs can come together to match supply and demand in a regulated retail residential lending market.

CONNXSYNTM allows an Individual Institution to not have to say NO to a request for residential related lending resulting from individual balance sheet or lending cap restrictions. CONNXSYNTM allows an ADI suffering a restriction to connect and syndicate with another Mutual ADI to meet your member/customer(s) needs. You get to choose the level of exposure you wish to retain.

CONNXSYNTM is live, operating and currently syndicating residential home loan related transactions. CONNXSYNTM fully complies with all the Prudential and Accounting standards and holds Regulatory consent.

Connxsyn is owned by and was developed for the Mutual sector.  

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Shared Lending Pty Ltd
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