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SAM Network Member Event
SAM Network Member Forum - Sydney
9:30 am
03 APR 2020

SAM Member Forum

Friday 3 April 2020 9:30 am to 2:00 pm

The Grace Hotel, 77 York Street Sydney NSW 2000

Members of the SAM Network are invited to attend a Member Forum on 3 April 2020 between 9:30 am and 2:00 pm. The forum is being held following the COBA Directors and CEO's Forum. Directors are welcome to attend. We will update the agenda when we have finalised all of the speakers prior to the event.

Please RSVP to by Thursday 26 March 2020.


9:30 am

Cuscal Update
Nathan and Mallika from Cuscal will provide an update on Open Banking Solutions and 86 400 license agreements.

Nathan Churchward
Mallika Potluri

10:10 am

SAM Network Update
The SAM Network Executive group have been working with Shared Services Partners to develop an outsourcing framework for common back office functions. Liam will provide an overview of the projects and the opportunities it will bring.

Liam Tiernan,
Chair, SAM Network
CEO, Ukrainian Credit
Co-operative Ltd

10:30 am

Shared Services Partners
Following on from Liam's introduction, David Byrne will provide greater detail on the Aggregated Back Office Outsourcing Project.
David will also share details of a scheme to provide assistance with construction projects.

David Byrne,
General Manager
Shared Services Partners

11:00 am

Mortgage Nation
Simon Bligh will discuss illion's most recent insights piece titled Mortgage Nation.

Simon Bligh
Chief Executive Officer
illion Australia Pty Ltd

11:30 am

Managing CPS-234 Compliance
The team from Starboard IT is currently working with members of the SAM Network with their CPS-234 compliance. They will provide some insights on how they have managed this process.

Ricky Zappia‚Äč
Service Delivery Director
Starboard IT

12:00 pm

Lunch will be served in the Grace Brasserie (Level 2)


12:40 pm

Economic Overview and Interest Rate Briefing
David Flanagan is well known in our sector as an expert in the Interest Rate markets. David will provide an economic overview and some tips for managing treasury products in the current environment.

David Flanagan
Director, Interest Rate Markets
Curve Securities Australia

1:20 pm

Banking Technology Solutions
Temenos provide banking technology solutions to financial institutions, of any size, anywhere in the world.

Max Relph
Sales Director - Banking
Temenos Australia

2:00 pm


SAM Network Member Forum - November 2019
11:30 am
10 NOV 2019


SAM Member Forum

Sunday 10th November 2019
11:30am to 1:30pm

Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

Members of the SAM Network are invited to attend a Member Forum on 10 November 2019 at COBA2019 (Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre)





11:30 am

SAM Network Update
The SAM Network has been focused on identifying ways we can assist our members through innovative solutions to common business problems.

Liam Tiernan,
Chair, SAM Network
CEO, Ukrainian Credit
Co-operative Ltd

11:50 am

Procurement Services for our Sector
Share Services Partners provide a suite of services to our sector.  David Byrne will discuss ways that SSP can reduce costs for your business.

David Byrne,
General Manager
Shared Services Partners

12:10 pm

Capital Raising Working Group
Capital raising for smaller mutual ADIs presents both opportunities and challenges.  A group of SAM Network members are working together to investigate the capital raising landscape and identify a way to participate in this opportunity.

Steve Sampson,
General Manager
Woolworths Employees' Credit Union Limited

12:20 pm

Connxsyn – Syndicating Mortgages
Connxsyn was created by Mutual ADIs for Mutual ADIs.  Greg will provide an update on the program and the future plans.

Greg Spencer,
Shared Lending Pty Ltd

12:35 pm

The emergency liquidity support that CUFSS provides is a key tool for small and medium sized mutual ADIs.  Mike will provide an update on the work CUFSS has been doing to continue supporting our sector.

Mike Fenech,
Executive Officer
CUFSS Limited

12:50 pm

The Pathway to Open Banking
Cuscal have been working with our sector to identify the opportunities that Open Banking will bring and how we expect the banking environment to change.

Nathan Churchward,
Head of Product, Emerging Services


SAM Network Member Forum
9:30 am
12 APR 2019

The SAM Network will hold a member forum on the Friday 12 April between 9:30am and 1:00pm.  Lunch will be provided at the completion of the forum and we encourage everyone to take the opportunity to catch up with other SAM Network members.  Directors are welcome to attend.

Pease send your RSVP by 4th April to





9:30 am

Update for Cuscal Clients
Cuscal will provide an overview of current initiatives and future projects.



10:00 am

SAM Network and Shared Services Update
We will provide a brief update on the activities of the SAM Network and Shared Services.

Liam Tiernan,
SAM Network Chair
Dnister Ukrainian
Credit Co-operative 

10:15 am

Australian Retail Credit Association (ARCA)
2019 will be another active year for the Credit industry with RG209, Open Banking and CCR continuing to roll out.  Geraldine will brief you on ARCA's current focus and tell you about the CreditWatch initiative.

Geraldine Cremin



Morning Tea


11:00 am

Chief Technology Officer as a Service
As technology becomes more complex, small and medium mutuals struggle with having the necessary IT resources.  Mutual Marketplace have been working with Nexus Mutual on a concept for providing cost effective access to strategic and specialist ICT skills that can be leveraged on demand.

Richard Austin
Mutual Marketplace

11:30 am

Myth Buster Marketing Concept
Small mutuals have a unique opportunity to capitalise from the opportunities arising from the Royal Commission

David Cadden
The Mac

11:45 am

COBA Levies Working Group
COBA plan to announce the new levies structure at the Directors and CEOs forum.  Leanne, as a member of the working group, will provide some insights around the process taken to identify the new structure. 

Leanne Harris

SAM Deputy Chair
Laboratories Credit Union

12:00 pm

Fraud Snapshot
Leanne Vale will update you will the latest fraud threats as well as providing an overview on the compliance requirements for supporting foreign currency remitters.

Leanne Vale,

12:30 pm

Your Financial Wellness
Your Financial Wellness can help your members to make sound financial decisions and to achieve their financial goals.   You can also gain insights into ways where you can better support their banking needs.

Mike Roberts and
Alex Hassall,
Your Financial Wellness

1:00 pm

Lunch & Finish


SAM Network Session - COBA 2018
1:30 pm
21 OCT 2018

The Small Australian Mutuals (SAM) Network will be holding a member forum at COBA2018.  

Where: COBA 2018 - Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

When: Sunday 21st October 1:30pm to 3:30pm




1:30 pm

SAM Network Update
Please join us in acknowledging our retiring SAM Executive Group members and welcoming our new Executive Group members. 
Peter will provide an update on the activities of the Network and share the results from our recent strategy survey.

Peter Vecoli
Chair, SAM Network

1:40 pm

Branding and Marketing Solutions
With the changes to the use of the term "bank" many SAM Members are reviewing their branding.  Keith will provide some insights into the process of brand management.

Keith Couzinwood
Founder/ Director,
Kinc Agency

2:10 pm

Emergency Liquidity Solutions
Mike Fenech will discuss the ongoing need for emergency liquidity support under the revised ASP120

Mike Fenech
Executive Office, CUFSS

2:30 pm

Cuscal Update
Representatives from Cuscal will provide an update on innovations in our sector.


3:00 pm

Information Security Management
Information Security and the specific PCI DSS compliance obligations introduce a new set of requirements for SAM Members.  Tony and Stephen will discuss measures TAS is taking to address this challenge.

Tony Greene
Chief Financial Officer
Stephen Frede
Head of Information Security

3:30 pm